What is the best lightweight towel for vacation

Not all towels are the same and there is a huge difference in quality and comfort. Many travelers don't realize how essential a travel towel can be. That is why in this article Buvanha considers the best lightweight towel for vacation and what you should pay attention to when choosing a lightweight towel.

Benefits of lightweight towel

The biggest advantage of lightweight towels, the name says it all, is that they are lightweight. A lightweight towel is often made of microfibers. A microfiber towel is therefore quickly a few hundred grams lighter than a normal cotton towel. In addition, a microfiber towel is also very compact and the towel therefore takes up little weight and space. Very nice if, like us, you often travel by plane.

Lightweight towels are made of microfiber and not cotton. As a result, lightweight microfiber towels also dry many times faster. This is very useful when you are traveling, because after taking a shower you may have to catch the bus. Moreover, you don't want to lie on a soaking wet towel all day. The better brands of travel towels therefore dry faster than a cotton towel. Especially when you hang them in the wind and they dry even faster when they are in the sun.

What requirements should a lightweight towel meet?

A lightweight towel comes in all shapes and sizes these days. As a result, everyone experiences a lightweight towel differently. One positive, the other negative. Just like any other product, a lightweight towel also has a certain amount of requirements that it must meet if it is to really benefit.

Quick drying

A lightweight towel is often made of microfiber. When you buy a good quality microfiber towel, you will experience that the towel dries faster and is also comfortable.

Handy format

A lightweight towel is ideal because it saves weight. That is why it is also important that it is a compact towel and that you keep the advantage of less weight and more space for when you go on a trip, for example.

Dries well

No matter how small or how light a towel may be, a towel has no effect if the towel does not dry properly. We often see that cheap lightweight towels quickly no longer dry as well because the material quickly shows wear. Therefore, make sure you always buy a lightweight towel made of the right materials.

Water absorbent

A cotton towel often absorbs too much water. This ensures that a large part of the towel is too wet. You can then no longer dry yourself properly with the towel, which is at the expense of the function and comfort of the towel. Of course you want to avoid this at all times. A good lightweight towel is therefore water absorbent, so that you can always dry yourself. In addition, these towels dry many times faster.

The ultimate travel towel

After testing more than 100 different towels, Buvanha managed to design the best travel towel. The ultimate travel towel is lightweight, compact in size, dries quickly, absorbs water and repels sand. In addition, the travel towel from Buvanha does not retain unpleasant odors either. This means you can always enjoy a dry and clean towel on holiday.

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