What is the best travel towel?

When you think of a holiday, you think of sun, sea and sand. On the beach you want to be able to enjoy the sun, the tranquility and you want to be irritated as little as possible by, for example, a large amount of sand in your towel. That's why a travel towel was designed. A travel towel is equipped with all the features so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

What is a travel towel?

A travel towel is ideal for trips and adventures where a towel is not ready for you every morning. A travel towel is a lightweight and compact towel, which takes up little space in your luggage and is easy to take with you to any holiday destination.

Types of travel towel

A travel towel comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose between a cotton towel or a microfiber towel. You have the sizes of bath towels and beach towels.

Buvanha strongly recommends using a large size travel towel. For example, you can wrap a large travel towel completely around you and you can stretch out on the beach.

Because travel towels are lightweight and compactly foldable, you will not notice this in the capacity of your luggage, but you do have a full-fledged beach towel to lie on and sunbathe.

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What are travel towels made of?

The innovation that makes a travel towel exceptional is the material from which the travel towel is made. Most travel towel manufacturers use microfiber so that the towels are absorbent and the towel is lightweight. In addition, a microfiber travel towel also brings the advantage that the towel dries faster than a cotton bath towel.

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The best travel towel

There are large-scale differences in the range of travel towels. For example, you can buy a cheaper travel towel from HEMA or Action, but you can also opt for an A-brand.

The big difference between the travel towels from a HEMA or Action is that the quality of the material is much lower. Better brands of travel towels use high-quality polyester and nylon, which guarantees a longer lifespan.

Buvanha offers the ultimate travel towel with which you can make a world trip or relax on the beach. The Buvanha travel towel is lightweight, compact, easy to remove sand, dries quickly and has a modern design.

Buvanha travel towels are available in various prints and sizes. As a result, your ultimate travel towel is always in our range. View the range of travel towels here!

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