What should a travel towel meet

Today there are many different types of travel towels on the market. Each with its own quality level and characteristics. In order to assist you in your choice of buying the ideal travel towel, Buvanha considers in this article the characteristics that the ultimate travel towel must meet.

Why a special towel for travelling

Travel towels can easily be overlooked when you look at the most important things you need on vacation. The main purpose of a towel is, of course, to dry, but there is a big difference here. For example, think of those heavy towels that take up a lot of weight and space in your luggage or the wet towels that are still damp after a day of drying. The travel towel was developed for these reasons.

A travel towel is a lightweight, compactly foldable and quick-drying towel that allows you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. If you have discovered all the features of the ultimate travel towel at the end of this article, you will understand that a travel towel is crucial for a holiday.

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The difference between a traditional bath towel and a travel towel

You probably use a regular bath towel at home. Standard towels take a long time to dry, tend to retain odor/sand, are heavy and bulky, making them a pain to travel with. They're not all bad though, they're usually soft and warm and definitely have their place, and that's in the bathroom.

When it comes to the best travel towels, we still see a big difference between a traditional bath towel and a travel towel.

Features of the best travel towel

Although a towel is so multifunctional, not all towels are created equal. Since the emergence of travel towels, many types have been marketed. Because the quality of these towels varies enormously, consumer experiences are therefore different. That is why it is good to know what requirements a travel towel must meet, so that you actually benefit from it.

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The ultimate travel towel is light, odor and sand resistant, dries quickly, lightweight and folds compactly. They even fold so compactly that the ultimate Buvanha travel towel can be delivered in a small travel bag! This allows you to carry the travel towel with you, without having to sacrifice space in your bag.

These combined properties of a travel towel provide the perfect equipment and experience when traveling.

Prevent a bad buy!

As is true for almost every product: Cheap is expensive. Since the launch of the innovative travel towels, many companies have come up with a large-scale production line for the creation of as many travel towels as possible. These travel towels are often good for a single use and therefore receive many bad reviews online. Of course you do not want to gain this experience on holiday and that is why we are happy to help prevent a bad purchase.

Buvanha makes travel towels in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is central: quality! Our ultimate travel towels not only have a nice print, but also meet all the requirements: light, odor and sand resistant, quick drying, lightweight and compactly foldable.

View our range of travel towels and find out why a travel towel is essential for travelling!

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