Stijne's sailing adventure in the Caribbean Sea.


Stine approached Buvanha at the beginning of the year about her adventurous sailing trip through the Caribbean Sea. Since the sailing trip is all about sustainability, she needed a travel towel that met this requirement. After she approached us, we thought it was fantastic that someone at such a young age is already so adventurous and involved in sustainability. We certainly encourage this and sponsored her with some travel towels. Because we find it educational & inspiring to share this adventure, we asked Stijne to take you on her journey. Below her first blog in preparation for her departure.

I'm Stijne, 15 years old and I just left for Sint Maarten for a very cool adventure. I will be sailing for 5 weeks on tall ship the Wylde Swan in the Caribbean during school time. I'm going with an organization called Masterskip, along with 30 other students from all different schools from all over the Netherlands. Masterskip organizes 8 such trips every year and have two ships: the Wylde Swan and the Reade Swan.

My trip is called 'expedition to the jungle and the coral' and we are going to sail in the Caribbean. Exactly where to go remains to be seen, that depends on the wind. We will sail about 2/3eof the time and spend 1/3e on different islands. We get sail training and all different workshops about navigating and about the plastic soup and nature. And 6 days a week from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM we work independently on schoolwork that I have all brought with me on my laptop and have agreed with my school.

 In recent times I have been working a lot and selling nice things to raise the money for the trip. Companies have also sponsored me, some with money and others with items that were on my packing list. Because we need a lot of sustainable and ecologically good (toilet) items, I have studied companies that also stand for this.

 That's how I ended up at Buvanha via Instagram for the quick-drying and lightweight travel towels I need. I think it's great that they are made from recycled plastic bottles, so that the environment is not polluted and it remains a clean place for everyone! I can't wait to use the nice towels on a (deserted) island! And I really hope that other people will also increasingly opt for stuff from companies that are doing good for nature, maybe sharing my adventure and story can help a bit with that.

I'll be back in 5 weeks and I'll tell you how I've been. And of course also share photos of the trip and of the towels in the Caribbean!

Love Stijne

 Insta @stinezeilt

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