The benefits of a quick-drying towel

Many travelers use it these days: the Buvanha travel towel. This microfiber towel for travel surpasses the "normal" cotton bath towel in every way. In this article, Buvanha explains the advantages of a quick-drying towel.

What is a quick dry towel?

A quick-drying towel is a towel made of microfiber. This is also known as a microfiber towel. A microfiber towel is a quick-drying towel made of fine fibers and various types of synthetic fabrics. The most common is a mix of polyester (80%) and polyamide (20%).

Because the fibers of a quick-drying towel are small and fine, the towel has a good adsorption capacity. As a result, a microfiber towel absorbs a lot of water quickly.

All the benefits of a quick-drying towel

The advantages of a quick-drying towel listed.

1. Faster dryingaborsorberende handdoek

The name says it all, quick-drying towels or microfiber towels dry much faster than cotton ones. Thus, a Buvanha towel dries in 50% of the time of an ordinary towel. Hang the towel on the specially designed loop in the wind and sun. The towel will be completely dry within 1 to 2 hours. Put it back in the storage bag and you're ready for the next beach day.

2. Lightweight

Another good reason to buy such a towel is the weight it saves in your suitcase. A microfiber towel is much lighter than a cotton one. Where you quickly reach the maximum weight of the luggage with a cotton towel, you can take much more with you with a microfibre towel.

3. Compact foldable

Unlike a cotton towel, a microfiber bath towel can be folded compactly. In addition to the weight, a quick-drying towel also saves a lot of space in the suitcase!

compact opvouwbare reishanddoek

4. Mildew & Odor Free

The microfiber of which the Buvanha travel towels are made, has a bactericidal effect. And that offers another advantage, because you do not run the risk of a moldy towel. If you throw it in your bag immediately after use, then only a hand wash is enough to make it smell fresh again.

5. Sand-free towel

A quick-drying towel from Buvanha leaves the sand on the beach. Where with other towels all the seams of the towel get filled with sand, this is not the case with the travel towels from Buvanha.

sneldrogende handdoek zonder zand

6. Long service life

A good travel towel usually costs just a little more than a regular towel, but it is also much more durable. Store it in the matching storage bag, so that the towel can last for years!

Buy quick drying towel

If you want to make sure you buy a travel towel that will last you for years to come, buy Buvanha's quick-drying towel.