The benefits of the ultimate Buvanha travel towel

The ultimate travel towel from Buvanha is a lightweight and compact towel that fits perfectly in any form of travel luggage. By using revolutionary microfiber fabric, the Buvanha travel towel offers the ultimate comfort during every trip. In this article we therefore explain all the advantages of the ultimate travel towel from Buvanha.

The Buvanha microfiber travel towel has many advantages that make your trip much more pleasant.

Forget musty-smelling towels

When you travel, you often take a towel with you that you use several times to lie at the beach or swimming pool. After using the towel a few times, the towel quickly smells musty. That's why the Buvanha travel towel is made of antibacterial fabric, making musty smells a thing of the past.

Compact foldable

Buvanha uses premium microfiber. This is an extremely thin fiber that ensures that the travel towel can be folded very compactly. The travel towel is even twice as compact as a regular towel! With the included bag, you can always easily carry the travel towel with you. Can you already envision the extra amount of packing space in your luggage?

compact opvouwbare handdoek voor op reis

Absorbs up to 1 liter of water

The last thing you want on holiday is a wet towel that won't dry. You don't want to lie on a wet towel all day. That's why the Buvanha travel towel can absorb up to 1 liter of water without dripping. This offers more comfort while sunbathing and drying off.

Quick-drying travel towel

The ultimate travel towel from Buvanha dries faster in 50% of the time than an ordinary bath towel. When the towel hangs in the wind and sun, the travel towel is completely dry within 1 to 2 hours. In addition, you will receive a specially designed loop from Buvanha with which you can easily hang the towel!

water absorberende handdoek

Forget sand in the towel

If there's one thing that's annoying, it's a towel with sand trapped between the fibres. The Buvanha travel towel is made of an extremely small fiber so that no grain of sand fits in between. As soon as you remove the towel from the sand, the remaining sand simply slides off the towel.

Zandvrij handdoek

Various shapes and sizes

The range of travel towels at Buvanha is extensive. We have every travel towel in all types of prints and sizes. As a result, you always have a towel that is fully appreciated in terms of appearance and use!

Buvanha travel towel collection

Would you like to know more about Buvanha's collection of ultimate travel towels? Then take a look at our collection of travel towels and find the best travel towel for you!

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