The functions of a travel towel

At first glance it may sound strange that you bring a towel especially for travelling. Every hotel provides towels and what is wrong with the traditional towel? However, many hotels do not have towel services and on campsites you are forced to take care of your travel gear yourself.

Even if you stay in quality hotels with fresh towels guaranteed, you may still want to have something with you to freshen up on trains, buses and flights. The best solution to balance comfort and functionality? Choosing a travel towel.

In this article, Buvanha explains the functions of a travel towel, so that you understand why a travel towel is a must have.

What's so great about travel towels?

Travel towels are a trend of recent years. After many decades of using a traditional cotton bath towel, we have found that using a towel on holiday can be much more comfortable and efficient. As a result, microfiber travel towels have been designed.

De functies van een reishanddoek

1 Travel towels are super absorbent

Buvanha's travel towels are made of high quality microfiber. Microfiber towels absorb much more than a traditional towel. So, our ultimate travel towel can absorb up to 1 liter of water!

This means that travel towels don't have to be as big as regular towels to do the same job and they dry you off much faster.

2 Quick drying towel

Nothing is worse than the smell of a wet towel in the hotel room, in the car or tent. Travel towels are made of materials that dry faster than regular towels. Travel towels dry quickly, which means you don't have to hang wet towels for days to dry. Hang the Buvanaha travel towel in the sun or in the wind and you will have a dry towel within a few hours.

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3 Odorless towel

Travel towels do not retain odors. As a result, it leaves no odor in your hotel room, in your luggage or tent. DBuvanha travel towel made of antibacterial fabric, making musty smells a thing of the past.

4 Travel towels save space

Travel towels are ideal for hikers and others who have limited space in their backpack. They roll or fold easily into a small space - some travel towels roll up as small as a can of beans.

Do you think how many other things you can take with you on holiday, if your towels save so much space!

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5 Travel towels are soft & comfortable

Microfiber is a soft fabric. Because the towels absorb more than traditional towels, the towels also become less hard after use. This allows you to dry off easily with a soft and comfortable towel.

6 Travel towels are durable

The travel towels from Buvanha are made of durable material and will last for years. This allows you to enjoy a trendy, odorless, water-absorbent, lightweight and compact travel towel for years to come!

Buvanha travel towels

Would you like to know more about Buvanha's collection of ultimate travel towels? Then view our collection of travel towelsand find the best travel towel for you!

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