Compact microfiber towel benefits

You've probably heard something about it: a travel towel. A travel towel is a compact towel for travel made of microfiber. This compact microfibre towel is excellent for sun holidays, but also for active holidays such as backpacking. In this article, Buvanha shares what a compact microfibre towel is and what the advantages of a compact microfibre towel are.

What is a compact microfiber towel?

Microfibre towels are synthetic fibers consisting of polyester and polyamide. Usually finer than the diameter of a silk thread and extremely fine compared to a skein of cotton, but their finely woven construction allows them to absorb a surprising amount of moisture! They are soft, absorbent, durable and compactly foldable. As a result, a microfiber towel is considered the best towel for travel.

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The advantages of a compact microfiber towel

Now that we know what a microfibre towel is and what it is made of, it is good to also know the advantages of this towel type.

Compact size

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The name says it all: a microfiber towel can be folded compactly. Microfibre towels are usually 1/4 the size of a regular towel and can therefore be packed more compactly, thus creating more space in your luggage for other items.

The compact microfiber travel towel from Buvanha even comes in a separate travel bag, which allows you to easily carry and store the towel with you at all times.

Light weight

Thanks to the compact size, microfiber towels are also 1/3 the weight of regular towels. Especially when you compare it to the weight of a cotton towel that is full of water. This prevents carrying heavy bags to the beach, pool or during the journey.

Super absorbent

As mentioned before, microfibre cloths are made up of many small, thin ones and due to their size and quantity, the fibers absorb water and moisture much more easily than traditional towels and are thus extremely absorbent despite being so much more compact.

Quick drying towel

With its rapid release of absorbed water, it also speeds up the drying process after a match or practice, and the rapid release of water ensures that the microfiber towel is dry and ready to use the next time you need it.

More hygienic

Due to their quick-drying properties, microfiber towels are much more hygienic than traditional towels because they do not absorb moisture and also retain musty odors for a longer period of time.

Bacteria and mold thrive in wet towels left in a bag or piled on a pool deck, resulting in an unpleasant odor and less than ideal towel performance.

Not just for travelling

Whether it's for the gym, swimming lessons or spinning, compact microfiber towels are a must. Consider taking them on short travel vacations as a backup to your hotel towel, using them to wrap your hair after washing, taking them with you after the beach and many other convenient ways to use them.

The best compact microfiber towel

After a lot of research and several rounds of production, Buvanha has created the best compact microfiber towel. We offer a range of high quality microfiber towels that are lightweight, compact, super absorbent, quick drying, odor and sand resistant. This means you always have a dry, compact towel that you can use for any occasion.

Our microfiber travel towels come in all shapes and sizes. This allows you to choose a compact microfiber towel, but also a microfiber bath towel! View our collections here.