Compare bath towel microfiber & cotton towel

Comparing a microfiber bath towel and a cotton towel is not a subject you often talk about. Nevertheless, we at Buvanha think it is important that you know the difference between a microfiber towel and a cotton towel, so that you can compare both types of towels and make the best choice when purchasing a travel towel .

Benefits microfiber towel

Dries faster

A microfiber towel absorbs much more moisture than a regular towel, so your hair dries a lot faster. This is ideal when you are in a hurry!

voordelen microvezel badhanddoek

Nice design

Microfibre bath towels come in various shapes and sizes. Microfiber towels are often provided with a cheerful print. For example, look at the bath towels from Buvanha!

Compact and lightweight

Microfibre towels are a lot lighter in weight and more compact to fold. As a result, it takes up much less space and you enjoy more closet space or luggage during the holidays!

Advantages cotton towel

Sustainable material

Cotton is made from natural fabrics, this material grows in nature. That is why the materials of a cotton towel are certainly not harmful to the environment. In addition, cotton is a very strong and sturdy material, so it will not wear out quickly. That is why a cotton towel is heavier and rougher than a microfiber bath towel, for example.

Easy to maintain

What makes cotton towel a great product is that it doesn't need an extreme amount of care. It is easy to maintain and because the towels are often rough, they can take a beating. As a result, cotton is chosen more quickly than cheap variants of microfiber cloths. Simply because cotton guarantees quality material and when purchasing a cheap microfiber cloth, this remains to be seen.

Best towel for travel

beste handdoek voor op reis Buvanha ideale reishanddoek

Based on the above advantages, you have a good idea of ​​the advantages per type of towel for daily life. But what if you go on a trip now?

When you travel, you need a towel that is lightweight, folds compactly, has a beautiful design and dries quickly. In that case, you will find it faster to opt for a microfibre bath towel when traveling.