5 reasons to buy a travel towel

Travel towels are great to have, whether you're going camping, going on a sun holiday or backpacking. In this article, Buvanha shares 5 reasons why you should buy a travel towel.

1. Travel towel are absorbent

Travel towels are made of microfiber. Microfibre travel towels are many times more absorbent than a traditional towel. Due to their absorbency, they don't need to be as big as regular towels to do the same job. A travel towel dries you comfortably and well.

2. Travel towels dry quickly

There is nothing worse than the smell of wet towels or that you want to go to the beach the next day and your towel still feels damp. Travel towels are therefore made of materials that dry faster than regular towels.

Travel towels dry quickly, which means you don't have to keep wet towels at the hotel or lie on a wet towel by the pool or on the beach all day. In addition, travel towels such as those from Buvanha do not leave a damp smell in your suitcases, beach bag or in the back of the car after a visit to the beach.

Where a traditional towel takes days to dry, travel towels are often dry within a few hours. Especially if they hang in the wind or in the sun.

sneldrogende handdoek voor op reis

3. Saves a lot of space

Travel towels are ideal to take with you in your (hand) luggage because they can be folded very compactly. They roll or fold easily into a small space. So small that they even come in a small carrying case!

The fact that travel towels save so much space is therefore ideal for any kind of holiday.

4. Travel towels are soft

Travel towels are made of waffled microfiber. Where a traditional microfiber towel dries stiff and rough. Is the waffled microfiber towel from Buvanha comfortable. This fabric does glide over your body where a normal one does not. In addition, it retains its softness in the wash without the need for fabric softener or a dryer.

microvezel reishanddoeken

5. Travel towels are durable

Good quality travel towels last for years. Where cotton towels quickly wear out and become rougher, this is not the case with travel towels. This is because travel towels are made of microfibers. These fibers are so small that they do not wear out so quickly. This ensures that you can use a soft and absorbent travel towel for years to come.

Bonus reason: Sand repellent

There is nothing more annoying than lying in a towel full of sand. Traditional towels can be patted all day long, but they only become sand-free once you have washed them. The travel towels from Buvanha are therefore provided with such compact fibers and seams that the travel towel is sand-repellent. This allows you to easily knock all the sand off the travel towel and enjoy yourself in comfort. It's not for nothing that Buvanha has the ultimate travel towel!

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